Our Services

Our services fall into three general categories: home care, care management and concierge services. In practice, the lines between these are rarely distinct. Many individuals and their families have overlapping needs, and we deliver the services they require seamlessly.

Home Care & Care Management

People with conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, advanced chronic illness, and physical and mental disabilities often require help with activities of daily living (ADLs)—the basic tasks required to take care of themselves. And some individuals can benefit from Medication Management services. Home care refers to the kind of day-to-day assistance that medical insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid, either does not cover or only covers for a limited time after an acute ailment or hospital stay. Click here to learn more.

Today, families are often scattered and the demands of modern life make it challenging to properly care for a loved one at home. Care management services can help from an initial assessment through ongoing navigation of the complex health care system, and more. Even families who have made a decision to self-manage care do occasionally need someone to take over for them. People in assisted living and nursing homes often need supplemental care. Even the most reputable facilities cannot provide continuous one-to-one support for their residents. This presents particular concern for mobile patients with dementia.


People who need home care frequently need help with related activities, such as grocery shopping, transportation and errands. Our concierge services include these activities and just about anything else our clients need. We employ our own carefully selected concierge specialists with diverse educational backgrounds and experience to help our clients with an array of services beyond basic personal care. Click here to learn more.

Choosing the Right Provider

We understand the sensitive nature of hiring a caregiver. Clients and families frequently grapple with issues of dignity, privacy and pride, and worry about the caliber of the people providing care. We take these concerns very seriously.

Caring Friends Home Care is a licensed home care agency by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Unlike many other organizations, we employ more than 100 of our own carefully screened and trained caregivers—certified nursing home assistants and home care aides. All our caregivers are subject to a strict quality credentialing process and are carefully supervised. We stand by their compassion, skill and performance.

Our Quality Credentialing Process
  • Criminal background checks
  • Rigorous reference checks
  • TB screening
  • Certifications and licensing verifications
  • Child abuse history and clearance
  • Training, education and testing including specialized Alzheimer’s/dementia training and ongoing support

All our caregivers are bonded and insured and trained following a program that adheres to our Quaker values.

What Our Home Care Services Include

Assistance with activities of daily living

Help with bathing, dressing, grooming, getting in and out of bed, using the bathroom, eating and other normal everyday functions—at home or as a supplement to facility care.

Monitoring of meals and medications

Help adhering to dietary restrictions and keeping track of and taking medications.


Help with meal preparation and light housekeeping.

Availability to provide different levels of caregiving services

Certified nursing assistants and home care aides are available short- or long-term for hourly, overnight and live-in assignments.

What Our Concierge Services Include

Grocery shopping

In person: We help outline our clients’ nutritional needs and develop shopping lists, then accompany clients to their favorite grocery markets or grocery shop locally for them.

Online: We obtain a shopping list from our client, his family member or home care aide, and order groceries online to be delivered to the home.

Assistance with office visits

We transport and accompany clients to medical and related office visits (doctors, rehab, counseling, etc.), ensure follow-through in obtaining prescriptions and adhering to directions, and communicate with family members, as appropriate.

Social companionship

Home care does not have to mean homebound. We provide drivers and companions to escort clients to dinner, movies, concerts, theater, community events and other social activities that can be so important to an individual’s quality of life and sense of engagement.